RE: Inserting into a href tag

Subject: RE: Inserting into a href tag
From: Kay Michael <Michael.Kay@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 10:49:03 -0000
> This is the XML file:
> <product>
>    <prodnum>
>       US1234
>    </prodnum>
> </product>
> This value will need to be used in many places, such as this 
> inside my XSL file:
> <A href="/details/{prodnum}">
> I'm get output that looks like this:
> <A href="/details/%0A%20US1234%0A%20"}

Use <A href="/details/{normalize-space(prodnum)}"> to get rid of the
whitespace before and after the US1234 value. This whitespace is being
escaped using URL escaping conventions.

Mike Kay

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