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Subject: RE: Re: XML Certification
From: "Chris Bayes" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 11:13:37 -0000
I tried a few of the tests at brainbench and a lot of them have mistakes. I
was rather annoyed about this because 4 (out of 40 if I remember right) of
them in the xml section had no correct answer which is 10%. I did get into
the top 10 though and did better than 95% of people that had taken the test.
I mailed them the correct answers and they replied with a thankyou but when
I sat the test again they weren't fixed.
Maybe if more people from this list tried them and mailed them the correct
answers it would help. The only reason I heard about it was because I was
asked to take a test to get a job so people do take notice of them and
according to the blerb they are recognised by a lot of blue chip companies.

Ciao Chris

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>I took the exam there yesterday, it's pretty good, overall, has several
>non-trivial questions on XSLT. I think they made a mistake in one of the
>questions, and the '>' in select expressions is not escaped. Also,
>brainbench exams are "open-net", so sometimes they're inaccurate
>if a person
>can find the answer fast enough. My Java certification results
>indicate that
>my best areas are Security and IDL, I don't know jack about either one :)
>The practice test from IBM on
>, on the other hand, is
>one of the worst tests I've seen. Half of the questions don't make sense,
>and the other half uses some weird language that is probably part of the
>training, but has nothing to do with XML/XSL. I hope the real test
>is better
>than the practice...
>- Eugene
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