& in SGML vs XML

Subject: & in SGML vs XML
From: Matthias Häußer <haeusser@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2000 12:48:03 +0100

I have another tricky &-related question:

I have SGML documents which can easily be converted to XML by just
exchanging the declaration in the first line(s),
except for that they contain &'s standing alone, as in
<line>you & me</line>.

This is legal in SGML, but XML parsers and XT do not accept it.
Is there a way of getting this right except for string replacement
(& -> &amp;)? (Which is tricky because "real" entities like &Ccaron;
must not be destroyed.)
James Clark's sx does it alright, but I'd prefer a Java solution
(ideally, one line of declaration either in the stylesheets or the XML).

In other words: Is there a way of treating an XML document like
<line>you & me</line>?


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