Wrapper for XSL for offline development

Subject: Wrapper for XSL for offline development
From: "Harbaugh, Alan (FUSA)" <AlanHarbaugh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 10:47:49 -0500
Been wrestling with this problem for a while now and I believe my relative
lack of 
experience is preventing me from figuring it out.

A good portion of our XML is generated dynamically through PIs, 
which extract the data from DBs:
[[mini sample]]

  <?fub-process com.fub.demo.EjbWrapper:getUserProfileXMLData:UserName?>
    <title>Account Summary</title>

The PI would result in data such as:
[[mini example]]

Our problem is that a lot of our XSL development will occur at a time and
where the databases are unavailable, hence the PIs will not be able to
return data
correctly.  What I would like to be able to do is provide an XSL wrapper
that can be
used to process the PIs and replace them with pre-generated sample data so
that the
XSL development can continue as if the data was coming from the DB.

My inital thought was to have an offline wrapper for each XML - XSL pair.
The wrapper 
would take each PI, figure out which pre-generated XML fragement to replace
it with, and
then use document( ) to parse the fragment.  Up to this point, I am okay....

but how to take the root nodes from several of these document( ) calls and
put them
under the root node of my original XML document?  And then apply the XSL
file that would
normally be applied in the online environment?

If it matters, we are currently using Xalan and Xerces though we want to
avoid any 
solutions that are processor-specific if we can.

Any help/pointers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I have spent
considerable time
perusing the FAQ, Mike Kay's excellent XSLT Reference and various other
sources but haven't
seen much that clicked as possible solutions.

If you need more info, I will happily provide it.

Alan Harbaugh
First USA Bank, N.A.           Information Services

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