Trying to load Entity file

Subject: Trying to load Entity file
From: ken.dickerson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 10:03:27 -0600
I am trying to load an entity file into my XML file. The entity file will be located in various directories specified with a directory name. The directory name can be found in cookies, variables, etc... How can I do this?

Here is a snippit from my XML file:

<?xml:stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="TouchPanel.xsl"?>

<!DOCTYPE CaptionText [
 <!ENTITY % Captions SYSTEM "en/captions.ent" >

  <row id="1">
    <cell id="11" class="tabSelected">&Tab_2dControls;</cell>


I am using this to maintain one XML per screen. All the strings used will be located in a single entity file. There will be an entity file for each of my languages (French, German, etc...) that I want to display. I need to specify the "en" directory 
(part of the entity filename above in the example) as "en", "fr", "de", etc...

Any idea as to how I can do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Other ideas for getting my strings located in locales and still maintain only a sinle XML file rather than multiple versions of it?

- Ken    < ><
  (email: Ken.Dickerson@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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