Changing XML Case using XSL/DOM - MSXML3

Subject: Changing XML Case using XSL/DOM - MSXML3
From: "ciaran byrne" <ciaran.byrne@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 12:27:34 -0800
Hi all,
	Is anyone aware of a way in which I can change the
case of my XML content from Uppercase to Lowercase. I was
looking at three possible solutions:

1. Use of stylesheets to perform this function 
but I don't want to process each individual element.

2. Manipulating the DOM in the code.

3. Search & Replace before loading the content into the DOM.

Note - the content I'm working with will always be under 1KB !!
I'm also using the MSXML3 Production Release.


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