Re: Top level variables and parameters

Subject: Re: Top level variables and parameters
From: David_Marston@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 16:23:07 -0500
Phil Capon wrote:
>  <xsl:param name="myparam"/>
>  <xsl:variable name="myvar" select="$myparam"/>
>In xt, this works fine. In Xalan 1.0.1, this works fine. However, in
>Xalan 1.2, this gives an error:...

As pointed out just last week on this list, the above is a new bug
that crept in to Xalan (Java) 1.2, where the immediate prior
version (1.2D02) didn't have it. A fix is in the works, and I'm
writing a couple dozen more tests involving variables so that we
get better about catching these things.
.................David Marston

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