distinct filtering

Subject: distinct filtering
From: GarethS@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 15:24:23 -0600
Greetings folks.  I'm brand new to the list, and have only been into xsl for
the last week and a half here, so I hope I don't come across as completely

I have an xml Document that looks like the following:

			<REQUIREMENT listsequence="1">
				<PROMPT>prompt 1</PROMPT>
			<REQUIREMENT listsequence="2">
				<PROMPT>prompt 2</PROMPT>
			<REQUIREMENT listsequence="2">
				<PROMPT>prompt 2</PROMPT>
			<REQUIREMENT listsequence="3">
				<PROMPT>prompt 3</PROMPT>

I am trying to display the data in the <PROMPT> tag of each requirement, but
I need to somehow filter the data so that I only display each list sequence
once. In other words, I want to display

prompt 1
prompt 2
prompt 3

I am using Microsofts 3.0 xsl parser to transform the document to html on
the server, before sending the document to the browser.

Gareth Suarez

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