RE: Using client side XSLT to create SVG

Subject: RE: Using client side XSLT to create SVG
From: "Jarno Elovirta" <jarno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 15:24:54 +0200
hip hei!

> I do not get the rectangle displayed. It seems like the browser not
> recognized the precense of SVG and do not start up the plugin.
> If I run the transformation separately (using MSXML through XSLT Test Tool
> by Joshua Allen), store the result in a file with .svg extension
> and open it
> in IE, it would display without problems.
> What might be the solution? Basically: how I make IE to recognize the
> transformed XML as an SVG image?

the thing is, that when you load a static svg document, the adobe plugin
creates an html page with EMBED element and uses that to display the svg
document, i.e. if you load the url, the plugin
creates an html document that has

<EMBED SRC=""; NAME="SVGEmbed" HEIGHT="100%"
WIDTH="100%" TYPE="image/svg-xml"

or something like that in it. thus, you should instead output html with
something like the above. the problem is, the adobe plugin requires it's svg
document to come throught the SRC attribute, that is it has to fetch it from
some url. i tried to embed the svg document into the html page and use it
that way, but i couldn't make it work.


Jarno Elovirta

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