RE: Using client side XSLT to create SVG

Subject: RE: Using client side XSLT to create SVG
From: "" <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 20:35:31 -0000

I guess this is off-topic, but while we are on the subject ...

When I use the xlink: prefix in svg with adobe SVG viewer:

if I DON'T define the namespace, it works.

If I DO define the namespace (as per xlink recommendation),
it doesn't work !

(My guess is adobe have the wrong namespace url for xlink.)


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> Subject: RE: Using client side XSLT to create SVG
> hip hei!
> > I do not get the rectangle displayed. It seems like the browser not
> > recognized the precense of SVG and do not start up the plugin.
> > If I run the transformation separately (using MSXML through 
> XSLT Test Tool
> > by Joshua Allen), store the result in a file with .svg extension
> > and open it
> > in IE, it would display without problems.
> > What might be the solution? Basically: how I make IE to recognize the
> > transformed XML as an SVG image?
> the thing is, that when you load a static svg document, the adobe plugin
> creates an html page with EMBED element and uses that to display the svg
> document, i.e. if you load the url, the plugin
> creates an html document that has
> <EMBED SRC=""; NAME="SVGEmbed" HEIGHT="100%"
> WIDTH="100%" TYPE="image/svg-xml"
> or something like that in it. thus, you should instead output html with
> something like the above. the problem is, the adobe plugin 
> requires it's svg
> document to come throught the SRC attribute, that is it has to 
> fetch it from
> some url. i tried to embed the svg document into the html page and use it
> that way, but i couldn't make it work.
> regards,
> Jarno Elovirta
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