RE: Equivalent of a Global Counter

Subject: RE: Equivalent of a Global Counter
From: Matthew Bentley <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 07:39:04 +1100
>It can't be done. But if you tell us what your problem is, we'll tell you
>why you don't need to solve it this way.

Okay, fair enough - my task is this:
I am setting ID attributes on xml documents to a particular id scheme
specific to my company. Part of this id scheme is Unique numbering for those
elements which would otherwise not have unique ids (based on their content).
The id scheme cannot be changed.

So, what I'm looking for would look something like this (... means any id):

<front id="...">
	<prov id="...1">
		<subprov id="..."></subprov>
	<label.para id="...">
		<para id="...2"></para>
	<clause id="...3"></clause>

as you can see, the structure of the document is not relevant in terms of
what number is used, its more of an incremental concept. Also, not all
elements recieve the numbering. The order of the numbering should increment
from top to bottom, structurally. 
I can quite easily do this as a post-processing task by inserting a
character sequence (e.g. $!$) at the point where the Unique number occurs
and replacing this with an appropriate number in omnimark or perl, but it'd
be nice if I could do it within xslt.
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