Re: Equivalent of a Global Counter

Subject: Re: Equivalent of a Global Counter
From: Alexey Gokhberg <alexei@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 01:24:33 +0100
Matthew Bentley wrote:
> >It can't be done. But if you tell us what your problem is, we'll tell you
> >why you don't need to solve it this way.
> Okay, fair enough - my task is this:
> I am setting ID attributes on xml documents to a particular id scheme
> specific to my company. Part of this id scheme is Unique numbering for those
> elements which would otherwise not have unique ids (based on their content).
> The id scheme cannot be changed.
> ......
> I can quite easily do this as a post-processing task by inserting a
> character sequence (e.g. $!$) at the point where the Unique number occurs
> and replacing this with an appropriate number in omnimark or perl, but it'd
> be nice if I could do it within xslt.

Why don't you use any XSLT engine that supports interface to the
scripting languages?

Of course, this solution won't be "100% pure XSLT", but is this really



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