saxon fatal error reports odd location

Subject: saxon fatal error reports odd location
From: "Dave Gomboc" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 19:44:05 -0700
When attempting to process a (65Mb -- thank goodness for saxon:preview! ;-)
file, I'm getting the following error from instant-saxon 5.5.1:

Fatal error reported by XML parser: required string (expected "BIOGPROSE")
  URL:    file:/C:/Documents and Settings/dave/Desktop/XSLT/all.xml
  Line:   27643
  Column: 1982
Transform failed:  required string (expected "BIOGPROSE")

Unfortunately, an inspection of line 27643 reveals that it is actually only
11 characters long.  I'm also a bit puzzled about the error: I'm not
providing saxon with a DTD, so how can it know to expect "BIOGPROSE"?  Is
the situation actually that the parser (the default that ships with Saxon)
is expecting a close, e.g. </BIOGPROSE>?  It would be helpful if some sort
of "error in context" was displayed.

Aha, hunting around a bit, I've managed to find the error on line 27561.
Indeed, a closing </BIOGPROSE> was split: "</B\nIOGPROSE>".  It seems rather
odd that the reported line number is quite different.  Has anyone else seen
such behaviour?  Perhaps my editor is counting newlines differently from
Saxon, e.g. it's supposed to be using "cr+lf" newlines, but if there are a
few lone "cr"s (or "lf"s) scattered through the data accidentally, would
Saxon count those as newlines as well?

I considered posting this message at, but I
couldn't find a way to post to it without actually registering and
subscribing, which I presumed would flood my mailbox -- thank goodness for
XSL-List digests!  However if this discussion is considered inappropriate
for XSL-List then I'll grit my teeth and take it over there.


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