RE: saxon fatal error reports odd location

Subject: RE: saxon fatal error reports odd location
From: DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 09:20:50 -0000
 Dave Gomboc 
ng the following error from instant-saxon 5.5.1:
> Fatal error reported by XML parser: required string (expected 
>   URL:    file:/C:/Documents and Settings/dave/Desktop/XSLT/all.xml
>   Line:   27643
>   Column: 1982
> Transform failed:  required string (expected "BIOGPROSE")

> anyone else seen
> such behaviour? 

Yes, I've had it, quite often :-)
Saxon is usually right in one form or another.
My favourite is line -1, or the last line, or eof found.
Its telling me that 'somthing' is wrong, somewhere.

I've had odd characters when I've not defined the character set,
unclosed elements (the parser just keeps going along until the 
closure becomes self evident - which is what I guess has happened
in your case).

Its easier if you do have a dtd, then you can validate it by
other means.
Its far worse with well formed documents which are large.

Only suggestion, if its manually generated (unlikely in your case)
is to keep checking it using your syntax directed editor, as you
go along. I suppose for an auto generated file, just keep checking
that what you are generating is OK with Saxon.

Annoying rather than devastating.


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