Re: [Zvon][IDOOX] XDB - XML document repository (pre-release)

Subject: Re: [Zvon][IDOOX] XDB - XML document repository (pre-release)
From: "K. Ari Krupnikov" <ari@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 21:58:05 -0800
Miloslav Nic wrote:
> IDOOX today published a pre-release of :
> XDB: XML Database
> XDB is an XML document repository providing structured storage of XML
> data, at present using an RDBMS mapping over PostgreSQL. As the first
> step, our plan is to develop a lightweight XML persistent storage engine
> on top of a relational database backend to come up with a UI and API in
> short time and replace it by our native XML storage system in the second
> step to satisfy complex XML processing requirements. XDB intention is to
> offer a fast, reliable and scalable XML database framework with powerful
> querying techniques according to W3C standards (XPath, XML Query) and
> standard XML processing APIs (SAX, DOM).

Does XDB look anything like this?

K. Ari Krupnikov

DBDOM - bridging XML and relational databases

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