RE: include text file

Subject: RE: include text file
From: DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 07:53:15 -0000
 Mike Brown

> Has anyone done this kind of thing with non-well-formed HTML? 
> I mean, if
> even non-well-formed HTML can be parsed into a DOM, and a DOM 
> can be used
> as input to an XSLT processor, it seems to follow that an extension
> function like foo:html-document() would be feasible as an 
> analog to the
> explicitly XML-specific document() function. You wouldn't 
> even need a DOM
> to do it. Having such an extension function would alleviate a 
> very common
> source of frustration among people trying to generate composite HTML
> documents.

Which would increase the crap found on websites relative to XSLT produced
HTML today?
One of the advantages of producing html via XSLT is that its  at least
well formed.  

-1 for me on this one Mike.

Regards DaveP

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