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Subject: xpath not..
From: Michael Hoffmann <m-hoffmann@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 16:24:33 +0100
i have a question about selecting nodes of my xml file.
in my xml file i have sth like


how can i say sth like
select name, lastname and city but NOT street
i tried it with select="adress[child::*] | not [child::street]"

but it didnt work...
do i have to say sth like select="adress[child::name] |
[child::lastname] | [child::city]"
to select each entry i want to select or are there shorter solutions ?
(in my xml file there are much more entrys than just those 4...)

in the faqs i saw select statements with "not" but mostly to not select
attributes or values...

thanx for ur help


oh btw...
thx mike (kay) your solution with the javascript worked fine (for sure
just didnt saw that solution (i tried to make it more complex ...<g>)

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