Re: Implementing "value-of" on a (DOM) Node

Subject: Re: Implementing "value-of" on a (DOM) Node
From: Gerard Maas <gerard.maas@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 18:57:31 +0100
Well, In my hurry I found a way to do it:

    XObject obj = XPathAPI.eval(node,".");
    String result = obj.toString();

If the node is a element node with children, you could even refer to them
using the relative XPath

    XObject obj = XPathAPI.eval(node,"-path goes here-");

I'm very happy it's working!

It is even possible to iterate over a nodeList. That's useful to generate
things like tables or menus.

Thanks anyway!! :-)


Gerard Maas wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm currently working in a project involving Cocoon as framework where
> I'm trying to integrate Generic XML data sources into XML templates to
> be "cocoonized": fed into the Cocoon reactor to tranform the resulting
> XML in a compatible form for the target device (VoiceXML, XHtml, WAP...)
> While doing this, I've been having difficulties to implement the
> insertion of XML 'pieces' (a piece (for me) is a XPath retrieving only
> one subtree).
> The XPath stuff is alredy working but I'm stuck trying to get the value
> of the node retrived by the call to XPath. I get a org.w3c.dom.Node and
> I'd like to apply a function that would retrieve what xsl:value-of
> select=<this node> would.
> I saw the XSLT processor implementation (XALAN)  but I can't get a grip
> in the code (ElementValueOf).  Is there somewhere a more comprehensive
> way to do that?
> ValueOf (org.w3c.dom.Node)  :- String
> Thanks in advance,
> Gerard.

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