RE: ToUpper in XSL

Subject: RE: ToUpper in XSL
From: Archie Russell <archier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 19:27:18 -0800
for an individual string i do translate


for the whole file if you're on unix you can pipe through "tr", otherwise
you could pipe xsl output through some kind of a java reader that does
translation for you.

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> Subject: ToUpper in XSL
> I use XSL on my XML data and I want my final result file to 
> be all Upper
> Case.
> Does anyone know how to convert to UpperCase in XSL ??? 
> Whether converting
> a String, or an Input Stream or a File.
> If not how do we make a call to a Java Class from within XSL ???
> Thanks in advance
> Camille Nazi
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