Re: ToUpper in XSL

Subject: Re: ToUpper in XSL
From: ken.dickerson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 12:25:07 -0600
The problem with using translate in this way is that it will only work for English. If you need to use other languages, this will not work. I don't know what the answer is, I just wanted to point this out.


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Use in built XPath function "translate"

eg.: translate("John", "adbcd.....z", "ABCD....Z")

At 02:51 PM 11/22/00 -0700, Camille Nazi wrote:
>I use XSL on my XML data and I want my final result file to be all Upper
>Does anyone know how to convert to UpperCase in XSL ??? Whether converting
>a String, or an Input Stream or a File.
>If not how do we make a call to a Java Class from within XSL ???
>Thanks in advance
>Camille Nazi
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