[MSXML3] Howto generate a node-set in an extension function ?

Subject: [MSXML3] Howto generate a node-set in an extension function ?
From: "Gavin Bong" <gavinb@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 09:08:54 +0800

Extension functions in MSXML are implemented in COM objects
or in JScript/VBScript code inside the XSLT file (or included/imported

According to the faq,

> "You get node-sets from a source tree
> (which is usually derived from an XML document".

Is there some way of generating node-sets as I want to create
and modify node-sets passed in as parameters into my extension
functions and return them to the callee ?

The other way could be to return an RTF and call the msxsl:node-set
built in function.

e.g. <xsl:variable name="retnodeset"
select="msxsl:node-set( myext:doSomething('//someXpathExpression') )" />

where myext is the extension namespace prefix. But it looks so ugly.

Thank you all.


Gavin Bong
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