Re: [MSXML3] Howto generate a node-set in an extension function ?

Subject: Re: [MSXML3] Howto generate a node-set in an extension function ?
From: "Richard Birkby" <rbirkby@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 07:12:55 -0000
I've used

return selectNodes("<your XPattern>")

from a JScript extension function before. Note that the functionality
between MSXML3 September and MSXML3 gold changed here. The default language
changed from XPattern to XPath and since using Namespaces with XPath in an
extension function isn't possible (due to the XML Document being read only)
it may leave you in the situation of using the September MSXML3 in


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From: "Gavin Bong" <gavinb@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [MSXML3] Howto generate a node-set in an extension function ?

> Hi,
> Extension functions in MSXML are implemented in COM objects
> or in JScript/VBScript code inside the XSLT file (or included/imported
> files).
> According to the faq,
> > "You get node-sets from a source tree
> > (which is usually derived from an XML document".
> Is there some way of generating node-sets as I want to create
> and modify node-sets passed in as parameters into my extension
> functions and return them to the callee ?
> The other way could be to return an RTF and call the msxsl:node-set
> built in function.
> e.g. <xsl:variable name="retnodeset"
> select="msxsl:node-set( myext:doSomething('//someXpathExpression') )" />
> where myext is the extension namespace prefix. But it looks so ugly.
> Thank you all.
> Regards,
> Gavin Bong
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