DTD or XML Schema editor recommendations (Win32)

Subject: DTD or XML Schema editor recommendations (Win32)
From: MarkH@xxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:22:06 -0000
My ideal
- text based (ie typed input)
- syntax checking as you type
- syntax coloring of content, highlighting errors as you go
- autocompletion menus (eg where #REQUIRED | #IMPLIED | #FIXED would go I
get a pop up menu as I type containing these items)

Is there anything out there with these features for Windows NT?

I've looked at 
  Athens - features above present, but too unstable
  XML SPy 3.5 beta 1 - feature packed but not the above, making input
painfully slow (particularly for DTDs)
  ezDTD - good, but again not very slick for input for the same reason

Any recommendations welcome, but particularly with the features I'm looking


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