[xsl] Re: implements-prefix vs implements-namespace

Subject: [xsl] Re: implements-prefix vs implements-namespace
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 01:04:27 GMT

  1. The "-prefixes" is used in less frequently used
     features, like exclude-element.  Thus your average
     stylesheet writer may not have encountered this 
     particular construct, nor had to learn about it.

I don't see why prefixes for functions (in xsl:script) are more or less
rare than prefixes for extension elements as in
Just about all my stylesheets have that, to support xt:document and 
similar elements in other processes.

> Therefore, you have not had (any/much) complaining since
> the problematic combination is sufficiently rare
I can't accept that a construct used in the majority of my sheets 
and in the docbook sheets, etc is rare. Extension elements seem to be
the same kind of thing as extension functions, from a rarity point of

> In either case, it's going to become a FAQ.  And why on
> earth would you want to make a FAQ when one can so easily
> be avoided?

Because every reference to a namespace in XSLT or XPath is always via
a prefix, except for namespace declarations themselves. It's
good to be consistent, even consistently quirky.

> P.S.  There is one other argument for "namespace" instead
>      of "prefix", currently one cannot specify prefixes
>       using XSLT.  T 

If the elements and attributes are being written by XSLT you haven't
full control over th eprefix, but they will get a valid one. If there
are QNames in attribute or element content then you can copy a namespace
node to make sure that prefix is in scope.


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