Re: [xsl] Re: implements-prefix vs implements-namespace

Subject: Re: [xsl] Re: implements-prefix vs implements-namespace
From: Jeni Tennison <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 10:45:44 +0000
David Carlisle wrote:
> If the elements and attributes are being written by XSLT you haven't
> full control over th eprefix, but they will get a valid one. If
> there are QNames in attribute or element content then you can copy a
> namespace node to make sure that prefix is in scope.

Do you even have to copy them? I don't know any processor that
randomly changes the prefixes of namespaces defined in the XSLT
stylesheet, and as far as I can tell any namespace that you declare in
the stylesheet will be copied automatically (presumably with the same
mechanic as xsl:copy-of) to the elements that you create in the

The only time you don't get control over the prefix as far as I can
tell is if you create an element with xsl:element and specify a
namespace (with the namespace attribute).  At that point, the
processor is allowed to make up a prefix (but can use the one that you
use in the name attribute [including no prefix, the default namespace]
if it wants).



Jeni Tennison

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