[xsl] links and semantics using templates and variables

Subject: [xsl] links and semantics using templates and variables
From: "Koray Berk" <berkk@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 19:45:07 +0300
I have problems understanding the usage and semantics of:


So you say, so you dont know any XSL, you are mostly right!

I need a reference document that is understandible, i.e. not full of
technical low-level details and preferrably backed up with examples.
Any book, link, paper will do.

I also go back to the argument, how do I have hyperlinks (external and
internal) in an xml defined with cutom tags (<link><label><destination>)
that translate into html tags thru a proper  xsl.

I searced a little of the archives (hence installed MSXML3) still couldnt
make one simple example run.

Thanx from Istanbul,

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