[xsl] Apologies

Subject: [xsl] Apologies
From: "Aral Balkan" <aral@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 17:12:23 -0400
Oh Jeez, I'm so sorry for sending that to the list, what a way to introduce
myself. Well, now that my cover's blown, I'm a designer/producer and I'm
really interested in XML/XSL and XSL FO and their use with Flash to explore
as-of-yet-unseen applications in dynamically creating SWFs with separate
design / content elements without sacrificing a high level of control over
layout. I'm experimenting with dynamic "page" (movieclip) layout and text

Although I'm not in your league (by a long shot) and way over my head with
XML, I am trying to make sense of all the posts in typical lurker fashion!

I hope my next post won't be an accidental one and I'll actually be at the
level to at least ask an intelligent question on the list. I apologize again
for the message which should've been sent privately.

Best Regards,

Aral Balkan
    New Media Producer, Kismia, Inc.
    Adj. Prof., American University

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