[xsl] choosing a parser ...

Subject: [xsl] choosing a parser ...
From: "Benoit Lefevre" <benoit.lefevre@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 13:51:54 +0200


    I have to use XML into on of my projects and i intend to use XSL and XSLT to achieve this.
    I've read a lot of papers about XSL specifications and now .... I'd like to have your advice :

    - what is your experiance with any particular XSL or XSLT parser ??
    - which parser should i use for both XSL and XSLT, regardless to performence or programming language ?

    I know it's fuzzy question, but i'm looking for general advices that could help me to choose
    (yes you've guessed) the parser(s) i'll use.
    The most important to me is to use a reliable XSL and XSLT parser. I mean by reliable that i'd like it
    to fully match one of the XSL specifications.

Thank you


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