Re: [xsl] xslisapi filter for iis

Subject: Re: [xsl] xslisapi filter for iis
From: bill french <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 15:52:27 -0400
thanks for the reply.

my problem is thus: i need to transform xml files into html server side,
but currently it only works client side in IE5. the examples included
with the xslisapi are being transformed client side as well. i followed
the instructions exactly, or at least i thought i did. maybe i don't
even understand how to use this software.

my questions are as follows:

1. if the xslisapi.dll is filtering xml requests properly, will hitting
"view source" in my browser reveal the html that an xml file was
transformed into server side?

2. is it sufficient to have just an xml file referencing an xsl file, or
do i need to write a bunch of asp code that instantiates a DOMDocument
object and so on?

i am sorry if my questions lack clarity. i guess it's a symptom of my
own confusion.

thanks for any help at all.


Chris Bayes wrote:
> Bill,
> You don't say what your problems are
> Ciao Chris

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