RE: [xsl] xslisapi filter for iis

Subject: RE: [xsl] xslisapi filter for iis
From: "Chris Bayes" <Chris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 21:37:38 +0100
>my problem is thus: i need to transform xml files into html server side,
>but currently it only works client side in IE5. the examples included
>with the xslisapi are being transformed client side as well. i followed
>the instructions exactly, or at least i thought i did. maybe i don't
>even understand how to use this software.
>my questions are as follows:
>1. if the xslisapi.dll is filtering xml requests properly, will hitting
>"view source" in my browser reveal the html that an xml file was
>transformed into server side?
Yes. If you are seeing xml then it isn't set up correctly.
Look at the section Verifying installation
... visit http://localhost/xslisapi/samples/install/installtest.pasp. This
tests dynamic XML generation and should result in text displaying that the
installation is valid.
Do you have a green arrow in the isapi filters property page?

>2. is it sufficient to have just an xml file referencing an xsl file, or
>do i need to write a bunch of asp code that instantiates a DOMDocument
>object and so on?

Yes. If you follow the installation directions correctly. That is one point
of the filter that you don't need to do all that.

Ciao Chris

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