[xsl] getting a label from a schema

Subject: [xsl] getting a label from a schema
From: George Farkas <george@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 18:43:25 -0400

I am very much an uneducated newbie that I find it difficult even to phrase my question,
but I cannot find the answer anywhere, so I am asking.

My XML file includes: <group type="Fieldx"> <item>100.00</item> <item>200.00</item> </group>

Each item has a label associated with it by according to its name in an .msd schema
as in the following:

  <element name='Income1' type='Fieldx'>
        <xbrl:rollup to='income' weight='0' order='0'/>
        <xbrl:label xml:lang='en'>Employment income</xbrl:label>
        <xbrl:label xml:lang='fr'>Revenes d'emploi</xbrl:label>

That is, the labels are in the schema and the data is in the XML doc.

Two different questions:
1. How do I get my XSLT stylesheet to make sure that all labels from the schema are presented with the item values in an HTML doc, which presents the XML data (even those whose value is zero)?

2. How do I get my XSLT stylesheet to present the label and item values only when the values are not equal to zero?

And relevant to both:
3. How do I indicate the language desired in my XML document?

George Farkas george@xxxxxxxx

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