RE: [xsl] soft returns/wrap not displaying the way I want

Subject: RE: [xsl] soft returns/wrap not displaying the way I want
From: "Keddy, Paul" <Paul.Keddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 15:11:41 -0300
	HTML that I am trying to generate is:

	text that will
	1. display say at most 40 characters per line
	2. display hard returns.

	so that if someone typed a letter out/ or i should say retrieved
from the xml, 
	the proper formating would be there.
	(ie. the 2 hard returns after the Member word; after 70
characters..say it is the 
	word "forever" it will automatically go to the next line and not
continue putting
	more text (ie. as opposed to putting the whole body of the text on 1
line which
	is what happens now).


	Dear XSL-List Member

	How are you today?  I don't want this sentence to run on forever
	therefore it will wordwrap (also called a soft return as opposed 
	to a hard return that happens when someone hits the enter 



	I guess from your solution, I would somehow nest the 
	xsl select statement in a table (taking care of the soft
returns/word wrap), and have any line break
	characters (&#10) go to <br/> (taking care of the hard returns/enter

	Anyway, I won't beat this horse to death anymore...thanks for your

> If your problem is that you want a third mode, where spaces may possibly
> line break but line break characters always line break. Then you can not
> do that in HTML so you need to make your XSLT change all linebreak
> characters (ie &#10;) to <br/> using a replace template as found in the
> faq.
> But first you need to specify what HTML you are trying to generate.
> David
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