Re: [xsl] converting old <a> .css properties to a style attribute

Subject: Re: [xsl] converting old <a> .css properties to a style attribute
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 11:41:02 +0100
That's an interesting question - what is the overlap between XSL & CSS? Is it a
straightforward split, or are there more more subtle implications? Apologies if
this has been asked before.

For example, I might want to have style sheets for displaying HTML documents
(and these documents have been transformed from XML); how does this "play" into
translating the XML into, say, PDF? Can I have CSS for the XML documents?

At 04/07/2001 10:23:03, "Tim Allshorn" <ta_iy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
#  Hello,
#       I'm converting a html/css job to xml/xslt. Previously, the .css
#  properties for the <a> tag where :
#  .au:link {color: #000099; text-decoration: none}
#  .au:visited {color: #000099; text-decoration: none}
#  .au:hover {color: #0099FF}
#  Previously these were referenced by <a href="bla" class="au">. I need to
#  keep those properties in the new xslt generated <a> tags. I've tried a bunch
#  of style attribute variations, but I can't get it to work. Does anybody know
#  the answer to this ? It would be much appreciated.
#  Thankyou.
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