RE: [xsl] RE: A simple solution (Was: Re: One for tomorrow :-) )

Subject: RE: [xsl] RE: A simple solution (Was: Re: One for tomorrow :-) )
From: "Daniel Newman" <daniel.newman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2001 12:21:14 +0100
So why isn't it working for me?

How can following-sibling::*[not(substring(.,string-length(.))=',')][4] not
return just the forth node, but all nodes?

I'm confused :-(

And I just love those font tags. I even use upper case HTML tags!!! hah hah.
If I removed my font tags, I'd have to use that terribly unreliable css :-)
There are users out there still using Netscape you know.

Cheers David,


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Subject: Re: [xsl] RE: A simple solution (Was: Re: One for tomorrow :-)

  I'm using

  n()=4]" />

  To hopefully retrieve 12 POINT STREET,

[position()=4] (or equivalently [4]) would select the 4th node that was
in the list generated by
ie the 4th sibling (just counting those not ending with a comma)

(by the way are you sure you really want to polute your generated HTML
with all those <font> elements, they are deprecated in HTML4 and XHTML)


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