[xsl] Convert the sign of a number

Subject: [xsl] Convert the sign of a number
From: "Daniel Newman" <daniel.newman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 11:59:19 +0100
I've been doing some research into how to do what I want in ASP, but not
sure if this is possible in XSL.

I'm going to need to have a recursive template, that is passed a
transaction, and the previous balance.

Now lets assume I do this in VBscript, and I'll run through what each thing

sub PrintDetails(transaction, balance)
	'// print some stuff in here
	Response.write transaction	'print out this transaction
	Response.write balance		'print out the balance
	'Move to next Node(), and if it exists, perform recursion.
	Call PrintDetails(nextTransaction, balance + convertSign(balance))
end sub

function convertSign(balance)
	dim sign
	sign = sgn(balance) '1 indicates positive, -1 indicates negative
	if sign = 1 then
		convertSign = "-" & balance	'// make this positive number a negative
	elseif sign = -1 then
		convertSign = Abs(balance)	'// make this negative number a positive
number. Abs removes the - element.
	end if
end function

It's a bit messy, but the idea is sound. Transaction will be a number,
preceded by a - if it's a negative. As I'm starting with the most recent
transaction at the top, I need the balance to be calculated (it's not in the
XML!!!) based on the money in or out.

-57,500	 0
+40,000	 57,500
-14,000	 17,500
-7,500	 31,500
+2,000	 39,000
+25,000	 37,000
+12,000	 12,000

within the XML will be each of the transactions, and also the most recent

	<CurrentBalance>0</CurrentBalance> <-- I'll need to add this, but assume it
will be here!!!
		<Item id="1">
			<Description>CREST STOCK DEPOSIT</Description>

So first off, I know the transaction was to sell 57,500 shares, and my
balance is now nothing. So my previous balance must have been 0 + 57,500. So
I need to turn -57,500 into +57,500. Is this possible using XSL? I hope so,
otherwise I'm going to have to use ASP to create this html code :-(

Thanks if you can help.

Daniel Newman.
Bis-Web Ltd.
Tel: 01993 880614
Fax: 01993 881625

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