[xsl] First stable release of the Gnome XSLT library

Subject: [xsl] First stable release of the Gnome XSLT library
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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 19:21:59 -0400
>Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 19:47:06 +0200
>From: Daniel Veillard <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: First stable release of the Gnome XSLT library
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>[ I announced the first beta in February here, the project is now mature ]
>       Hi all,
>  I'm happy to announce the first stable release 1.0.0 of libxslt, the
>Gnome XSLT library (and version 2.4.0 of libxml2 the Gnome XML library).
>Libxslt is believed to implement all the XSLT-1.0 constructs, support
>a few "common" extensions and provide an extension framework. It also
>includes a simple to use command line interface 'xsltproc' with an
>XSLT profiler.
>  It had been in use by early adopters for more than 3 months with a bias
>on DocBook document processing since it will be used by Gnome and KDE
>for formatting their documentation. It is suposed to be stable and fast
>enough for 'serious' usage, like formatting/chunking the DocBook Definitve
>Guide (15 mn and 60 MBytes of memory use).
>  The C code and precompiled RPM packages for linux are available at
>                 ftp://xmlsoft.org/
>  The project pages are at:
>               http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/
>	       http://xmlsoft.org/
>This is free software available under the LGPL or a licence similar to
>the W3C IPR.  It should be portable, it is know to work on Linux. BSD,
>Solaris, and there is Windows makefiles for MSC. The libraries are written
>in pure C and have no other requirement than the C standard and some
>POSIX constructs. The licences allows to embed it in commercial products.
>  I would like to thanks Red Hat for supporting this effort since its
>inception in January this year, the various contributors to this project
>especially Bjorn Reese and William Brack, and everybody who reported bugs,
>provided patches, ideas or reused it in other projects (KDE, Gnome, AxKit,
>etc.), and the Gnome project in general http://www.gnome.org/ .
>  I hope it will help reusing XSLT in areas where the price, processing
>cost or portability had been so far a problem.
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