[xsl] RE: RTFOutputHandler plain text formtting.

Subject: [xsl] RE: RTFOutputHandler plain text formtting.
From: DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 12:57:27 +0100
> DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > 
> > If only this could be ported to work with Saxon.
> Hi Dave.
> It's 95% SAX and that should not be a big deal, but I would like to
> check first that the approach does interest other people ;=) ...
> It can also (like FOP) be used as a standalone post processor 
> working on
> the XML representation of RTF stored in an actual file.
> This is a very simple class (less than 100 Java instructions) 
> developed
> after a request on the XMLfr mailing list and for which I have no
> immediate need (nor test beds).
> Since I am an absolute RTF beginner, I would like to get more comments
> and users' reports before improving or porting it.
> Would you have a real need for this and would such a simple tool be
> enough for your needs (assuming it is ported to Saxon) ?

Firstly a clear statement of what it does Eric, I'm unsure if it was clear
to other readers.

This piece of java takes the output of a transform, and provides
clean word breaking of long lines.

It does this for <p> elements and list elements, which are indented,
then writes the output to the output file, roughly intercepting the
result tree on its way to the output file.

Line length is specified in the java file.

I found it perfect to produce 'formatted' plain text, which I would
have thought was a fairly common requirement for others.

We needed it to produce line breaks when delivering plain text to
users. Its now my only use for XT.

Yes, its more than enough. For plain text output paragraphs and
lists are suficient. (we actually add *** to major headings for
navigation purposes, but that's easy enough to change myself.).

I tried to get the top level class aligned to Saxon,
but failed miserably due to lack of java knowledge.

public class FormatedTextOutputHandler extends HandlerBase implements
OutputDocumentHandler {

I don't think either HandlerBase or OutputDocumentHandler remain in Mikes
alignment with
the jaxp interface? 

Regards DaveP

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