Re: [xsl] Extra xmlns=""

Subject: Re: [xsl] Extra xmlns=""
From: Larry Garfield <lgarfiel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 00:11:55 -0500
mhkay@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > I've noticed that some XSLT engines, when converting from XML
> > to XHTML,
> > will insert extra empty xmlns="" attributes into some tags,
> > even though
> > the XSLT script does not tell it to.  The div and hx tags
> > generally get
> > these.  Of course, the file is then not valid XHTML.
> This has nothing to do with the output being XHTML, and nothing to do with the specific elements being output.

I didn't think so, but wasn't sure.

> An xmlns="" (I call it a namespace undeclaration) must be output for an element E if the parent node of E has a namespace node with (name = "", value = something other than ""), and if E has no namespace node with name = "". The conditions that cause this situation to arise in the result tree depend entirely on your stylesheet; and of course the XSLT processor doesn't even know that you are trying to produce XHTML.

Uh, I'm afraid I don't follow.  Can you please give an example?

My stylesheet is taking a no-namespace DocBook tree and parsing it into an XHTML file, with a single namespace declaration in the <html> tag, with no namespace prefix (that is, xmlns="whatever the URI is for XHTML").

> If two processors produce output files that are materially different in their namespace declarations, then one of them is wrong.

Does extra namespace undeclaration count as materially different?

Larry Garfield

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