[xsl] X-Forms

Subject: [xsl] X-Forms
From: "dante" <dante@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 18:35:53 +0800
G'Day all,

Has anyone had any contact/experience with X-Forms?
Recommend any tutorials or examples etc.

I can see a connection with the form concept I've been working
on - a html/javascript based form to upload the data that will
be used to generate a xml library.

>From what I know about X-Forms (not a lot) it's possible to
re-use component templates within a form - which is what I've
been trying to do with html & javascript.

I've had a look at the tutorial at Mozquito Technologies:
But I'm not sure how XHTML-FML fits in with X-Forms...

As for my xsl stylesheet I'm still having problems, but I'm getting there -
slowly :)
My site: http://www.vianet.net.au/~dante/concepts/concepts.html


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