RE: [xsl] Is XML-SPY useful for xslt?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Is XML-SPY useful for xslt?
From: "Trace Wilson" <trace_wilson@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 20:48:58 +1000
Hi Louise,

Sorry about the late reply, but Mulberry rejected my email yesterday due to
it being in HTML and I only received the notication quite late (I forgot
about the restriction).

VBXML.COM have gone into partnership with MarrowSoft to distribute
Xselerator.  I've been using the Beta for about 2 months and would choose
another program - although I can get XMLSpy for free use at work.

If you are doing a comparison for products, here is a list that I
constructed for someone on another list that details what Xselerator has
that XMLSpy does not have:

- advantages that XMLSpy does NOT have :-
Xselerator has:
    - True debugging, stepping into,
    - if there is an error with your XSL not being valid, it tells you which
line the error is on, plus takes you to that line - so the error support is
by far better
    - one click transformation, you don't have all the association steps for
your xml & xsl files.  You just open your xml file, open you xsl and
transform away.  In XMLSpy you need to go through a few clicks to set up the
association, which leaves the reference to the xsl file in your xml file.
So if you have static xml files, you need to remove this reference when
    - loading of the xml and xsl files are really quick in Xselerator
    - if you need to format your xml, in XMLSpy you need to change your view
to grid view, then format, then go back to your edit view.  In Xselerator
the HTMLTidy formatting is always available.
    - The PRICE is much cheaper - $99 introduction price.

XMLSpy does have better Schema/DTD support - but Xselerator has focused on
being just a pure XSLT editor.

Louise, no doubt, XMLSpy is a good product, but the price is pretty
excessive.  They have support for Schema's, but if you're looking for a pure
XSL editor - I highly recommend this product.

To find out more information, please go to
and download the 30-day trial.

Trace Wilson

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