Re: [xsl] An efficient repeat() template (Was: RE: Re: RE: creating a string of repeated charactors)

Subject: Re: [xsl] An efficient repeat() template (Was: RE: Re: RE: creating a string of repeated charactors)
From: "cutlass" <cutlass@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 12:31:21 +0100
> repeat()      -- 67 to 73 milliseconds (50 to 53 if I hardcode 15 for
> str:padding() -- 130 to 150 milliseconds
> Therefore repeat() is about 2.8 times as fast as str:padding()

Hello Dimitre and co,

agree that this code is much more efficient along with the analysis ( hey
why not submit it to exslt as str:repeat()... if not i would gladly do it
for you with your permission ).

when looking at optimisation techniques, i would rather first look at those
techniques which give me benefits in orders of magnitude, then fine tune at
the unit level; thus my compiled stylesheet comments.

i will use these 2 forms as test case for my compiled stylesheet project i
am working on at the moment, will be interesting to see if there is any
significant difference once they are compiled.

> Recently Jim Fuller wrote:
> "maybe efficient coding is an artiface( analogous to our use of assignment
> statements and gotos once were when making the functional programming
> leap..) born through limitations of our current hardware ( not to mention
> having only 10 fingers for inputting ), maybe we will find that through
> incredibly complicated, error ridden, poorly constructed, trillion line
> programs we will find richer and greater expressions of functionality.
> i suspect that programmers will turn into farmers soon enough."
> I hope it is clear why I strongly disagree with this statement.

i'm fresh from vacation, what can i say.......or more like what should i not

but to be more accurate i was speaking more of wetware vs hardware, and the
natural progression of technology as a whole; and in essence i disagree with
the practice of inefficient coding.

chow, jim fuller
> Cheers,
> Dimitre Novatchev.
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