[xsl] bowser compatibility, xsl templates, html output, parser

Subject: [xsl] bowser compatibility, xsl templates, html output, parser
From: Meltem Kogelbauer <meltem.kogelbauer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 09:08:47 +0100
Hi All,

Recently I have discovered (perhaps it is not new at all) a very strange
thing for that I would like some opinions.

I have an xsl style sheet with sub-templates. <for-each> element is looping
through the tables.

When the tables are rendered IE shows the way it should look like;

The tables are snapped to each other w/o any break in between.

However, NS showed additional line breaks between the tables. At first
instance it looks like an html problem. In order to test it I took the
generated html from the source view and saved as pure html. And, guess what?
NS is showing it perfectly fine. So html problem is ruled out. 

I am now thinking if it could be a parser problem. Somehow during the
transformtion process it creates line breaks. Does that sound sensible? 

Has anyone encountered anything like that before?

Note: the parser is Xalan



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