RE: [xsl] Getting date of the XSL transformation into HTML output

Subject: RE: [xsl] Getting date of the XSL transformation into HTML output
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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 13:07:20 -0400
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>Subject: RE: [xsl] Getting date of the XSL transformation into HTML output
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>Hi Rene,
>>I don't quite understand your problem.The date your XSL is generating the
>HTML >is the current date isn't it?
>Yes, the date I need is the date I transformed the XML to HTML. So I need
>date-of-generation for that HTML output file, hardcoded - as an additional way
>to keep track of the different versions of that same generated HTML file.
>>So why not use one of the suggestions how to get the current date and use the
>><xsl:value-of select="the current-date-function of your choice"/> to hardcode
>>it into your HTML?
>>And if you're using msxml3 (or just IE) and want to know how to pass a
>>parameter: see my earlier mail:
>I'm using XMLSpy with MSXML3. I had a look at your message...i don't quite see
>*how* I can do this... is your example code the code to be inserted (and
>adapted)in my template matching the root of the XML doc?
><xsl:template match="root">
>I don't see how I can get the date in there, though... (I'm only used to
>writing plain vanilla HTML with customized Javascripts but that's about it ;-)
>Is your solution comparable to that suggested by Lee (thanks, btw):
>> just include an <xsl:param name="parametername"/> tag to contain the
>> parameter. you might want to set this to a default value within the
>> stylesheet. How to get your parameter into the stylesheet is dependent upon
>> the processor you use. With MSXML you would use
>> yourXSLProcessorObject.addParameter "parametername", value

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