RE: [xsl] Apologies and 2 questions

Subject: RE: [xsl] Apologies and 2 questions
From: "FINLEY, Mike" <Mike.FINLEY@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 15:29:31 +0100
1) If you don't validate, nothing needs to be done... as long as the HTML is
also well formed XML (so doesn't contain any of the singleton elements (<BR>
for example)
2) Don't tell XSLT to output HTML! Use XML output instead.


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Subject: [xsl] Apologies and 2 questions

First off, I apologize if I offended people by asking
that replies to my previous queries go directly to me
as I am a digester. Some people took it upon
themselves to tell me that it is not polite.

I really wish I could be a regular subscriber, but
XML/XSL is only part of my required skillset. It is
only a small part right now. I also have to keep up
with XHTML, Java, CF, Javascript, SQL, etc... I simply
don't have time to read every message that comes in,
as I am already a member of 4 other high-traffic
lists. Getting the XSL digest affords me the ability
to scan and learn when I can find some free time.

So, if you think what I did was rude, I apologize.

Secondly, I have 2 questions. Please pardon me, as I
know they are newbie questions... (As an aside, if
anyone has a good reference, be it book, web site,
etc... for XSLT/XML/DTD's, I would love to know about
it. Perhaps then I would not have to bother the list
with such banal questions. But, I am finding good info
on XSLT/DTD's rather hard to come by)

1) I have an XML document that can contain HTML within
an element. i.e.

  <sectiontext>This is <a

What needs to be done in the DTD and/or XSL to make
this work? Right now, I have the sectiontext element
defined as PCDATA, so it is barfing when HTML is in

2) I am using the XHTML Transitional Doctype on all of
the outputted content, so I need to have all
standalone tags closed (<br />, <hr />). How do make
the XSL output the end slash to make all of my output
XHTML compliant?


*I am a digester and would appreciate a direct
response  (n8_shaw@xxxxxxxxx). Please do not be
offended :>


Nathan Shaw
Web Applications Developer

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