RE: [xsl] Re: Any good IDE for editing XSL with Xalan

Subject: RE: [xsl] Re: Any good IDE for editing XSL with Xalan
From: Jayaranga Subasinghe <jayarangas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 10:38:52 +0600
xmlspy will be helpful for you

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Subject: [xsl] Re: Any good IDE for editing XSL with Xalan

Albert Tsun wrote:

> I have been using XSL for writing report template (layout, ordering) in
> report generation.
> However, we found that when editing XSL file using text editor(e.g.
> is a little bit painful.
> Would anyone could suggest any good IDE for editing XSL files under Win32
> Unix platform ?
> I am using Xalan as the XSLT engine.
> Any help or idea is appreciated.

Hi Albert,

I'm using the Xselerator XSLT IDE
( or

Just try it and you're never going stop using it -- the Xseleraor has a very
XSLT editor with syntax colouring, intellisense, three different views on
the text,
XPath builder, wizards, snippets,... and more. Although the Debugger is
working only
with MSXML at present, it would be still helpful to you if you're writing
conformant XSLT stylesheets.

The Xselerator supports applying the transformation with multiple XSLT
I'm regularly switching between MSXML and Saxon, never having to leave the
Xselerator environment.

It should be straightforward to specify on its options screen the necessary
data, so
Xalan will be used for the transformations.

Just try it and I believe you'll not be disappointed.

Dimitre Novatchev.

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