[xsl] Ext Func in XPath

Subject: [xsl] Ext Func in XPath
From: Shruti Ahuja <shruti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 12:10:33 +0530

i have made an extension function in Xpath by the name contains_words .This
function has 2 overloaded versions 
public static boolean contains_words(String searchstr,String tosearch)
public static boolean contains_words(ExpressionContext mycontext, String
searchstr,String tosearch)

i am calling this function in my xpath expression as
txt:conatins_words("this is a book","book")
where txt is a namespace which maps to this extension class.
The problem is that this call always results in the second contains_words
being invoked .i want the first one to be invoked.
can someone suggest the reason for it to behave this way.


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