RE: [xsl] non-breaking white space coming out incorrectly

Subject: RE: [xsl] non-breaking white space coming out incorrectly
From: "Julian Reschke" <julian.reschke@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 20:16:31 +0200
>From what you told us, the resulting file is encoded in UTF-8, which will
use two bytes to encode the Unicode character 160. So there's no problem.

A text editor that doesn't know about UTF-8 *will* display those two

If IE5 doesn't display the character properly, then the file might carry a
wrong encoding attribute in the XML declaration.

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> Subject: Re: [xsl] non-breaking white space coming out incorrectly
> > >     I'm trying to use a non-breaking white space in XSLT, so I use the
> > > unicode &#160;. This has worked for me in the past with
> > > sablortron, but in
> > > this instance sablotron is outputting "Â ".  The space is
> > > there, but before
> > > it there is the  (don't know its name).  Any ideas on what's
> > > going on?
> >
> > You're looking at a UTF-8 file using an editor that doesn't understand
> > UTF-8.
> I'm afraid you're speaking over my head, and I'm afraid the answer doesn't
> really make proper light of the problem anyways.  Let me elaborate.  I'm
> using XSLT to transform XML into HTML.  My XSLT uses the unicode &#160;.
> The resultant HTML contains the string "Â " in it's place.  I'm
> viewing the
> resultant HTML in both editpad (a text editor) and IE5.5.
> Thanks again.
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