Re: [xsl] non-breaking white space coming out incorrectly

Subject: Re: [xsl] non-breaking white space coming out incorrectly
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 18:42:56 -0400
Switch IE5.5 to Unicode and it'll look okay. To elaborate on Mike's explanation, your output doesn't contain the string "Â ", it contains the correct character -- only since the tools you're using aren't recognizing the character set, they're botching the display. (Hence we see this "Â " thing alot, which makes it a FAQ. You'd be seeing it even more if you had any other characters in "upper ASCII".)

You can select the character set for IE manually under the View/Encoding menu....

Many XSLT processors can also output other character encodings besides Unicode (UTF-8/UTF-16), if you need to do that.


At 01:58 PM 7/25/01, you wrote:
> >     I'm trying to use a non-breaking white space in XSLT, so I use the
> > unicode &#160;. This has worked for me in the past with
> > sablortron, but in
> > this instance sablotron is outputting "Â ".  The space is
> > there, but before
> > it there is the  (don't know its name).  Any ideas on what's
> > going on?
> You're looking at a UTF-8 file using an editor that doesn't understand
> UTF-8.

I'm afraid you're speaking over my head, and I'm afraid the answer doesn't
really make proper light of the problem anyways.  Let me elaborate.  I'm
using XSLT to transform XML into HTML.  My XSLT uses the unicode &#160;.
The resultant HTML contains the string "Â " in it's place.  I'm viewing the
resultant HTML in both editpad (a text editor) and IE5.5.

Thanks again.

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