RE: [xsl] transform optimization for a schema-constrained domain

Subject: RE: [xsl] transform optimization for a schema-constrained domain
From: Joerg Pietschmann <joerg.pietschmann@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:08:03 +0200
From: "Michael Kay" <mhkay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> This kind of static type checking is very much part of the philosophy of
> XQuery. It's difficult to know where to stop, though.
> Then the schema is enhanced so that the condition can't exist. Is
> the query now in error?
At least you can return an empty result blindingly fast, because you
don't even have to look into the database. :-)

Again, to press my point home: A processor which would use a DTD/Schema
to catch misspelled element names and some expressions which would always
result in an empty node set because of DTD/Schema-constraints would have
saved me a lot of debugging time. I see this as a feature which could be
turned on at development time, much like tracing.

You may have noticed that this might have prevented quite a few "why is
there no output from my code?" questions on this list (assuming the guys
had a proper DTD attached...)

Are there other XSLT-users who think this could be a useful feature?
Rally to the flag! We might convince some friendly processor implementors
to implement it for us :-)

Well, asking for DTD support would probably be to much. Schemas are XML and
could probably hooked into the processors much easier, without inventing
APIs for element definition access and such stuff. So i'm willing to settle
for Schema support only :-)


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