Re: [xsl] generating a repeatable unique id

Subject: Re: [xsl] generating a repeatable unique id
From: "Sebastian Rahtz" <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 21:40:18 +0100
Colin Muller writes:
 > Not sure how repeatable 'repeatable' needs to be, but if the document
 > is not going to change before you get back to it with the id, you can
 > do what I do when creating HTML forms for editing XML docs: save a
 > temporary file in which every element gets associated with this:

Hmm, interesting idea. My real problem with that is that I am inside a
web server at transformation time, and I dont really want it
scribbling temporary files. Apart from anything else, it *could* be
weeks before someone hits the link button which activates the request
for a section. Of course, this screws me anyway, as the original
document might have changed... oh yuck.

 > the count, but I've presumed that there's some sort of an internal
 > stack on which it's uncostly to count the total number of elements up
 > to and including a certain one - if indeed that count is not in any
 > case already known for the processor's own nefarious internal

thats an interesting question, whether your "xsl:number level="any"'
is more work for most processors than my cruder
"count(preceding-sibling)" (as it happens, I can be sure my documents
will give the right answer for me)


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